We had move the date: Pre-Order Grapes By August 27th!!!

As of 8/19 all red wine varieties are 19-20 Brix, so we are getting close. Additionally, we will not be able to acquire white grapes from this source but we are looking at the same source as last year for juice. Please keep in mind when ordering that not all grapes varieties are expected to ship together which will require multiple delivery days, and therefore “stomp” days. If you are interested in half lugs, let Eric know so he can match you with others interested

 Want to be a part of the Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Project?

What’s the barrel project!?

Barrels are expensive, but the best value is in the larger 25 or 59 gallon barrels. We simply follow a set procedure to make similar wine at home in 5-10 gallon batches, sample the wines for quality and rack to fill the barrel. Wait a year or more and rack back your share(minus some loss). If you are interested, email Eric because he is too!



Lodi has a Mediterranean Climate, with warm days and cool nights.


Click here to view our Catalog. Please order directly with Eric to ensure accurate orders.

Remember you can purchase all your Wine making equipment at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply. We also offer wine making classes regularly, take a look at our calendar for next courses.




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