What to Serve With Homemade Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella is the best mozzarella

Coming up is our “make your own mozzarella” class. It’s so easy we’re already thinking ahead to the wine we could pair with this soft milky cheese. The first thing that comes to mind is creating a rustic antipasti platter. Here’s what we suggest you stock your refrigerator with to compliment your homemade fresh mozzarella.

fresh mozzarella cheese

Serve your fresh mozzarella with seasonal fruits and veggies

If you’re making fresh mozzarella, you want to serve it fresh. So prepare your refrigerator with delicious seasonal veggies, herbs and spices to pair with your mozzarella. You can make your own mozzarella at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply at 3pm Saturday afternoon. After tomorrow’s class you’ll be ready to treat your friends and family to wine and homemade cheese any evening. You can buy all your cheese and wine making supplies right here in Colorado just 30 miles North of Colorado Springs and 20 miles South of Denver.

Let your cheese be the star on a rustic antipasti platter. Fresh, soft, creamy mozzarella pairs great with fresh tomatoes, pesto, olives, tapenade and basil. Grilling and roasting some few veggies to go with your mozzarella can add texture, color and flavor to your platter, perfectly complementing the creamy white fresh mozzarella.

Would you like some wine to go with your mozzerella?

And no wine and cheese party is complete without the wine. White wines are great with mozzarella, but you can also add a few light and fruity reds. Talk to any staff member at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply about what wine to pair with your mozzarella, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. And while we’re at it, we can help you get all of the equipment and Winexpert wine kits. Next time you make your own mozzarella, you’ll be ready to serve your own homemade wine to go with it. How cool would that be?SE Wine Kits

At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply we love everything that has to do with homemade wine, homemade brews and homemade cheese. We work hard to have only the best ingredients on hand. We have one of the largest selections of grains, hops and yeast in Colorado, and we carry all the Winexpert wine kits for the first timer or the longtime home brewers and wine enthusiasts. Sign up for one of our classes today, or stop by the store for your beer, wine and cheese starter kits.

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