Whites Wines That Go Great With Winter

winter winesNow that the days are getting shorter and the temperature has dropped, wine enthusiasts tend to reach for the warming reds, and leave the whites on the shelf. Sipping white wine of a cold day may seem odd, but it’s time we gave the whites a chance to spice up your fall and winter table.

White wines with hearty meals

France, Italy, Germany and Austria are among the top wine making countries, and they all have a cold, dark winter season. When looking for a winter white wine, take some inspiration from the cool climate countries. You’ll be surprised at how well these white wines are with hearty winter meals with rich creamy sauces and bold flavors.

Hearty meals


This wine became so popular and mainstream that true experts started to ignore this wine as a serious contender. But in France, this wine has stayed the course, and the Burgundian wine makers have made this an intense, crisp, bold white wine has plenty of acidity to cut through heavy sauces and a roast turkey.


You’ll find it world over but France and Italy have the best environment for this grape to flourish. Dry, sweet and spicy all at once, this is a great pairing with Asian inspired dishes with ham or pork. It also goes great with a homemade apple pie.

Pinot Blanc/Pinot Bianco

Lately, this wine may have gotten a reputation for being watery and boring, but times they are a changing and the Italians have taken claimed this grape and is ensuring it’s rich and successful future. There are many varieties, some even experiment with oak. This wine packs a punch with bold green apple aromas. It is an excellent choice for cheesy dishes or rich meaty stews.

Pinot Gris

While the Italians may be taking Pinot Bianco to new heights, it is the French that are elevating the Pinot Gris. The people of Alsace France make Pinot Gris with huge extraction and powerful fragrances. Don’t think twice about serving this big bones wine with hearty, meaty stews, a spicy sausace or anything to do with polenta.


The Riesling is perfect for all winter courses. Go with the drier version with your roasted meats and then open up a sweeter variety to go with your dessert. Another thing to note is that colder regions will make lower alcohol wines, so you can have a few extra glasses with your meal, without feeling (too) sluggish the next morning.

Home made wines


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