Wine and Beer Classes in Castle Rock, Colorado

The time is now! Learn to make your own wine and beer. If you start now, you’ll have homemade wine and beer ready for the grill season. Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has the classes, ingredients and equipment to make you a successful homebrewer.

Spring time beers

Pre-register for Castle Rock’s beer and wine classes and have your brew ready for grill season.

Pre-register for Castle Rock’s beer and wine classes

Our classes are popular and seating is limited, so be sure to stop by the shop or give us a ring to pre-register for our beer and wine classes.

April 2nd 5:30: Beginner Extract Brew Class  $30-$70

April 4th 4:30: Beginner Wine Class $20

May 7th 5:30: Beginner Extract Brew Class  $30-$70

Pssst, wanna hear a little secret? At the end of each class, we’ll give you $20 back to spend in our shop of fresh grains, hops, yeast or brewing equipment. Crazy, we know, but we trust that once you’ve been bitten by the homebrew bug you’ll be back again and again to take advantage of great deals on fresh ingredients and superior homebrew equipment.

Where are the “All Grain Brew Classes”?

For the seasoned homebrewer who was looking to up their skill level with an All Grain Brew Class, you’ll just have to wait a little bit. But it will totally be worth it. We are currently hoping to sign a new lease with double the space TO MAKE ROOM FOR A BREWERY!! What? Brewery you say? Yup, you heard us right! If everything goes right, we’ll be taking down our current all grain system to install a larger nano brew house. Fingers crossed!

Cheapest NSF approved keg available at Castle Rock

Stay tuned for updates on Castle Rocks very own nano brewery!

Colorado’s largest selection of homebrewing ingredients

If you are into homebrewing, Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has everything you need to make you a successful homebrewer and winemaker. Stop by and check out our selection of fresh grains, extract kits, starter kits and brewing equipment.

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